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"We are committed to being the leader in providing the highest quality in air-conditioning products and services; and maintaining exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, while staying abreast with technological changes in the industry."

What We Do?

Servicex is a full service air conditioning and cooling company providing sales, service and repairs to commercial and residential customers. In addition, we also provide products and parts to independent service technicians who work in the industry. We work with a range of commercial customers in the hospitality, retail and service industry to provide the cooling equipment and maintenance service for their buildings. Our company also works with residents who own a variety of homes so they have the cooling equipment to create a comfortable indoor environment.

Why We Rock?

Our talented team of trained service technicians are available to provide routine maintenance requests, regular on-call services throughout the week, and on-call service after hours for our corporate clients under contract. Contact us today to find out what services and products we can provide to you.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • How often should your air conditioner be serviced.?
    Residential units should be serviced at least 4 times a year.
    Commercial units are recommended on a monthly basis.
  • How often should your filters be cleaned and replaced?
    Your filters should be cleaned every month depending on use.  This does not require a service technician.  Our technician can show you a correct process with each installation.  Washable filters should last you a long time if cleaned regularly.
  • What should you know about mounting your air conditioning unit?

    Ensure that your air conditioning units are installed by a qualified technician.  Residential unit should be mounted away from electronics eg. Computers, TV's etc.

    The unit should be mounted in such a way that it does not blow on the bed.  The outdoor unit should be mounted in such a way so as to facilitate proper circulation sothat ambient air can cool the condenser coil.

  • How can you maximize your units efficiency?

    It is essential to keep your filters clean.  Get the air conditioner serviced at a minimum of 4 times a year (the residential units) and monthly for (the commercial units).

  • What are programmable thermostats

    Programmable Thermostats allow you to adjust cooling through out the week so that you no longer required to turn the air conditioner on or off for week days and weekends.

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