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How Air Conditioning Can Improve Your Health

A well-functioning air conditioning system can undoubtedly make your home more pleasant during the warm summer months, but it turns out that air conditioning can do more than simply improving your family’s comfort. From helping alleviate the effects of airborne allergens to improving your overall indoor air quality, air conditioning can actually improve your health. Here are the four main ways that modern air conditioning systems can benefit your family’s health.

By improving respiratory conditions in your home

No matter how clean you keep your home, there will always be pollutants and allergens in the air. These microscopic contaminants–from dust mites to pollen–can aggravate existing respiratory problems such as asthma, creating an uncomfortable and even life-threatening environment within your home. A well-functioning air conditioning system, however, helps filter out these pollutants and leaves your home’s air cleaner and easier to breathe.

By regulating indoor humidity

With an average year-round humidity of around 75 percent, Barbados can often get quite humid. High humidity levels in your home, however, affect more than just your comfort. When indoor humidity is high, conditions can become ideal for bacteria and other microorganisms to breed. Air conditioning helps maintain your home’s humidity at a steady and healthy level, preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

By maintaining a consistent temperature

Much like humidity, extremes in temperature are more than just uncomfortable. If your home gets too hot, or fluctuates in temperature too frequently the effects on your energy levels can be huge. Staying too warm for too long can lead to chronic fatigue and can contribute to a poorly functioning immune system. Indoor climate control that keeps your home’s temperature well-regulated can help you avoid these negative health effects.

By helping you get a better night’s sleep

Studies have shown that temperature has a huge effect on a person’s quality of sleep and specifically, that the indoor temperature of your home should be between 65 and 72 degree Fahrenheit for optimal sleeping conditions. If your home is hotter than this, the quality of your sleep is likely to be poor, leaving you fatigued the next day. Setting your air conditioner to the right temperature can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Keep in mind that your air conditioning system needs to be in top condition in order to ensure that your family receives all of these health benefits. Regular maintenance and cleaning performed by an HVAC professional can help you keep your air conditioner working its best.