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Common Air Conditioning Misconceptions

Entering into a delightfully cool home when it is swelteringly hot outside is a welcome relief and why we all love AC so much. To better understand this technology, read on to learn the truth behind some common misconceptions pertaining to AC:

Misconception: You Can Save Money by Turning Your Thermostat up When You Are Away: This misconception isn’t talking about having a programmable thermostat that allows you to shift your thermostat up and down slightly, which is a good idea, but dramatic decreases like turning the unit off altogether when you aren’t home.

  • Truth:According to experts, you shouldn’t let your house get uncomfortably hot like it would if you turned your unit off. This means the unit has to work that much harder to cool your home, negating any energy savings from it being off. It is easier on the unit to just maintain a temperature, within a range of degrees.


Misconception: Ceiling Fans Cool the Air, so You Should Leave Them on When Away: Many people think leaving their ceiling fans on will help their AC work more efficiently by keeping the air cooler.

  • Truth: Ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air. They instead just move the air around. Therefore, although they will make it “feel” cooler in your home just because the air is moving and not stagnant, leaving ceiling fans won’t actually help your AC unit work better. Therefore, there is no need to leave them on when you aren’t home.


Misconception: Get the Biggest Unit You Can Afford, It Will Work Better: This myth implies that bigger is better. Therefore, you are better off purchasing as big of an AC unit as you can.

  • Truth:In reality, your AC unit should be appropriately sized for the space which you are cooling. In fact, buying an oversized unit can end up backfiring on you because AC units also dehumidify a space. This means that an improperly sized unit could make your space feel cool, yet clammy and uncomfortable.

The above are some the most commonly believed misconceptions about AC units and the truth behind these myths.


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