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A/C Maintenance Tips You Can do Yourself at Home

Though living in a tropical environment has many advantages, the high temperatures that come along with living in a Caribbean paradise make having functional AC a must. One part of keeping your air conditioning functioning as it should is proper maintenance.

Replace and/or Clean Air Filters

The air filters inside your home quickly fill with dirt, dust and other allergen particles hindering the flow of air through your home. Therefore, in order for the air to properly circulate and your unit to work as it should, you should replace them regularly. Some air filters are the kind you take out and clean and then return, others are just replaceable.

Examine the Condenser Unit Fan

After shutting off power to your unit, examine the fan that’s mounted on the outside condenser. Examine blades for chips or cracks and replace them if necessary. It’s also a great idea to oil the motor bearings to the fan if your unit is on the older side.

Clean Brush Away from Your Unit

The outside portion of your unit should be free from debris. Unfortunately, they often get full of grass clippings, dirt and leaves. Hand weed around the outside of the unit, removing what you can. Then use a garden hose to wash debris out of the inside after ensuring power to the unit is turned off. Avoid power washers as the intense pressure can damage the delicate fins on your unit. Instead, stick with a regular garden hose held at a 45-degree angle.

Call in the Professionals

While it’s a good idea to do what you can on your own, it’s always smart to have a professional come look at your unit every now and then, around once a year, to make sure it is working as it should, allowing you to achieve optimal efficiency.

Having a clean, well maintained AC unit is key to keeping your home comfortable during the sweltering summer months. Do the tips above to keep your unit functioning as it should.

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