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Saving Money on Air Conditioning Costs When the Outdoor Temperatures Rise

The weather is gorgeous in the Caribbean all year long. Yet summers can become unbearably hot with temperatures reaching the middle to upper 80s during the summer months. Using air conditioning can create a comfortable indoor environment. However, it can also raise your costs and put a strain on your finances. Here are several ways to save money when using your air conditioning.

Plant Shade Trees and Shrubs

Blocking some of the sun’s heat from reaching your home can lower the indoor temperatures. Consider placing in trees and shrubs around the exterior of your home. Select the best plants based on the soil conditions and yard space. Pigeon plums are trees that work in dry and sandy soil, while small palms and palmettos can produce large fronds and are hurricane resistant. Be careful when planting royal palms and short leaf figs as these trees should be grown in yards with ample space due to their large root systems.
Close Blinds to Reduce Sunlight
While letting in the natural sunlight can brighten up the room, those same sun’s rays can heat up the space. If the air conditioning thermostat is in full sunlight most of the day, it could be causing the air conditioner to run nonstop. Covering the window with blinds can lower the indoor temperature and prevent the thermostat from running longer than it should.
Insulate Doors and Windows
Draughty doors and windows will allow the cold air to escape, forcing the air conditioning to run more often. Seal up leaks around windows and doors by caulking them. If you have a worn door or window, it may simply be time to replace them.
You can keep more of the cold air inside without running up your air conditioning costs. Use these helpful tips to have a comfortable indoor environment while saving money.

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