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Common Problems People Face with Their AC Unit

Air conditioning is more of a necessity than a luxury in locations that experience excessive heat in the summertime. Therefore, residing in the Caribbean means it’s vital that you keep your AC unit operating as it should, cooling your home to a comfortable temperature. Read below for some common AC problems and an explanation on how to fix them yourself:

AC Comes on, Goes Back Off Randomly

One cause of this common AC issue is an erroneous remote-control setting. To fix this, check the setting on the timer. To reset your AC remote control, follow directions in your unit’s manual.

Your Unit Doesn’t Come on at all

Another common issue with AC units is the air not blowing at all because the unit won’t come on. If this sounds like your issue, check your circuit breaker. To do this, go to your home’s power panel where all your power is accessible. See if the breaker assigned to your unit is tripped. You will know its tripped if it is facing a different way than the other breakers. Simply force the breaker back the opposite way to turn it back on. This will ensure power is going to your unit. If it tripped outside, flip it back the other way for the same outcome.

Outdoor Condenser Not Coming On

If your indoor unit is flashing, while your outdoor condensing unit is off, you might have a faulty capacitor. To replace the capacitor, turn off the power at the breaker panel. Discharge the power to the capacitor and dismount it. Be sure to note how the wires are connected before disconnecting. Replace with a new unit and reattach.

Remote Control Not Working

A remote that is refusing to do anything can mean a faulty circuit board. However, it might also mean the remote needs batteries. Once you check the battery situation, you can move to checking the circuit board. Access your unit’s manual to find the circuit board and then replace if needed.

The above are some of the most common problems you might encounter with your AC unit and how to remedy them. Keep this information handy in order to troubleshoot potential problems and keep your home nice and cool this summer.

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