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For Corporate Clients health plays a major role as it relates to employees and productivity in Barbados. Employers are becoming more aware of a clean environment in which their staff will work. Furthermore, there is an increase in productivity because of a healthy work environment and healthy staff. One of the factors that may contribute to this environment is the air-conditioner and the ventilation system.

In Barbados it is customary to service a commercial air-conditioner on a monthly basis. This will include washing or replacing filters, cleaning coils, contactors and inspecting all electrical components, topping up motors with oil, greasing bearings, replacing belts, checking tolerances, checking pressure, amps, voltages and ensuring the correct operation of the systems, according to the manufacturing specifications. Inspection of the condition of the cabinet, cleaning of the drain pan and blower wheel, are among many of the items that are also checked. The air-conditioners that we represent for this market in Barbados are: York International Corporation and Lennox Global, as these suppliers provide reliable air-conditioners at competitive prices, whether they are DX systems or chillers.

In the residential market in Barbados, we have tried to differentiate ourselves from the competitors by catering to two segments of this market. For those customers that are looking for an air-conditioner that is not the cheapest, but that is the most energy efficient and will outlast many brands in Barbados today. The Acson air-conditioner is the air-conditioner of choice. The Acson air-conditioner is among the highest energy efficient ratio (energy saving) on the island and made in Malaysia. Acson International was also an OEM manufacturer for other well known brands.
In Barbados it is customary to service residential units on a quarterly basis.

When considering purchasing an inverter air-conditioner, the EER (energy efficiency ratio) on the Acson inverter is higher than the many other brands on the market. These energy saving air-conditioners save fifty percent or more on your electric bill. When comparing one brand of inverter to another you should ask for the EER not the SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio). SEER takes into account climate change and the heat pump which we do not use in Barbados.

Therefore, the higher the EER or the COP (co-efficient of performance which is another measure of efficiency) the more efficient system of the two units; the greater the number, the better the unit. The other brand of air-conditioner that we represent is our competitively priced air-conditioning unit manufactured by TCL and we are proud to offer them at factory direct prices. Call us today for a free quotation.

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